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Stainless Steel Passivation Services

List Price QUOTE

The passivation process is designed to maximize the inherent corrosion resistance of stainless steel parts after machining. Stainless steel is often selected for its superior corrosion resistance properties. However, “Free Iron” can be left behind on the surface of a machined stainless steel component. These free iron contaminates can be the source of future corrosion, if not removed from the surface of the stainless steel.

Passivation removes those contaminates and restores the stainless steel’s corrosion resistant properties. It also leaves behind a transparent oxide film that continues to protect the cleaned surface after the process is completed.

Trans-Acc is ideally suited to provide the passivation service to our customers, based on our many years of experience in chemical surface cleaning as a preparation for our custom coating application services.

Capabilities  · Specifications


Quality Assurance Testing

Copper Sulfate Test
Free Iron Test

High Humidity Test

Potassium Ferricyanide-Nitric Acid Test

Salt Spray Test - Per ASTM B 117-95

Water Immersion Test


Standards Met

ASTM A-380
ASTM A-967-96



Process Advantages

  • Removes contaminants from surface after machining process
  • Restores metal’s inherent corrosion resistance properties
  • Leaves a clear thin oxide finish on surface
  • Recommended for parts that are machined, fabricated or formed
  • Application Methods and Information

  • Clean / Degrease
  • Water Rinse
  • Nitric Acid Bath Passivation
  • Water Rinse
  • Dry
  • Part Quantities

    Part Quantities can be coated from 1 to 1,000,000.
    With high volume part quantities and blanket orders we can provide
    a shipping schedule to meet your production requirements.

    Lead Times

    We have the ability to support most emergency needs and provide same day turn around.
    Other options available for 24 hour service, one week, and combined inventory processing.

    Maximum Part Dimension Size Accepted

    Passivation Line:
    23.5” x 34”

    Materials Commonly Processed

    Stainless Steel parts of many kinds,
    Please inquire about your product needs.


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