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Plastisol or Nylon Coating Services

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Trans-Acc provides plastisol or nylon coating services, depending on the specified substrate and usage of the finished product. Our plastisol coatings are softer and ideal for applications where a highly tactile finish is required, as in fixturing or tooling. Nylon coatings, on the other hand, are applied to our customer products that need durability, chemical, and heat resistance. To provide insight on appropriate coating recommendations, we always work with our customers to find their product requirements.

Using electrostatic sprays, we apply nylon powders with thicknesses of up to 0.040". The nylon coating thus formed is tough, solvent, impact resistant, has excellent abrasion, and gives a natural lubricity to the part. The final finish attained is smooth, with a low coefficient of friction, and this makes our nylon coatings ideal for shelving applications. We can also formulate nylons to suit specific applications in the food industry.

Both our plastisol and nylon coatings are used as a liquid primer pre-coat, which helps in better coating adhesion and eventually a higher performance.

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Coating Thickness

Nylon – up to .040"
Plastisol – .125”

Maximum Part Dimension Size Accepted

Plastisol Tank:
23.5" x 34"

Application Methods

Nylon – Electrostatic Spray Method
Plastisol – Dipping Method

Typical Substrates


Colors Available

Food Grade White

Custom Colors

Coating Characteristics

Nylon Coatings:
Impact Resistance
Corrosion Resistance
Preserves the Original Shape of the Part
Self Lubricating, Slightly Slippery Surface
Eliminates Rattling/ Wear Resistance

Plastisol Coatings:
Impact Protection
Electrical Insulation
Smooth, Non Sliding Surfaces
Waterproof/Rust Resistance
Hides Imperfections in Metal
Eliminates Rattling/ Wear Resistance

Quality Certification and Compliance

ISO 9001:2000 Compliant


Equipment List

Blue Ash Equipment

2 x 100 ft Air Dry Paint Lines
400 ft Monorail Paint Line with
  • 6 Paint Booths
  • 2 Convection Gas Ovens
    Blast Cabinets

    Passivation Line

    Phosphate Line

    Quonset Blast Hut
  • Hamilton Equipment

    1200 ft Monorail Paint Line with
  • 6 Paint Booths
  • 2 Convection Gas Ovens
  • 7 Stage Stainless Steel Washers
    Blast Room

    LS Blaster (Conveyor)
  • Fairfield Equipment

    400 ft Monorail Paint Line
    28 ft Infrared Oven

    2 Paint Booths

    Blast Cabinet

    Thickness Measurement Instruments

    Took Gage

    Additional Information

    Part Quantities

    Part Quantities can be coated from 1 to 1,000,000.
    With high volume part quantities and blanket orders, we can provide a shipping schedule to meet your production requirements.

    Lead Times

    We have the ability to support most emergency needs and provide same day turn around.
    Other options available for 24 hour service, one week, and combined inventory processing.

    Acceptable File Formats

    AutoCAD "DWG" files
    Excel Spread Sheets

    PDF files

    Word Documents

    Industries Served






    Pickup & Delivery


    Special Packaging, as required


    ·  Black Nylon Powder

    ·  Green Plastisol

    ·  Grey Nylon Powder 1

    ·  Grey Nylon Powder 2

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