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Liquid / Wet Coating Services

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Applying professional liquid / wet coatings takes more than a booth and a spray gun. Providing high-quality, high performing coatings and coating services to the industry has been the core business for Trans-Acc since 1967. We handle a wide variety of part substrates and part sizes, typically ranging from 1 inch to 20 feet, using either a conveyor line or a spray booth.

We have equipment and trained staff to:
  • Clean and apply the pre-treatment at the start of the process
  • Spray, dip or roll-on the wet / liquid paints
  • Perform the correct curing or drying cycle at the end of the process
In other words, we do the right things the right way from start to finish to ensure the coating specified by our customer performs as required in the field.

A wide range of liquid/wet coatings, which provide excellent resistance against marring and corrosion, is available from high build epoxy coatings to military CARC coatings. A wide variety of color options that comply with Federal Standard 595 color specifications, Munsell color system, and PMS or RAL color matching systems, are available for customers to choose from. On request, we can provide custom colors within short lead times.

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High Performance Coatings

CARC coatings
Dry Film Lubricants Coatings
Electro-Magnetic Insulation Coatings
Heat Resistant Coatings
High Chemical Resistance Coatings
Low Friction Finish Coatings
Radio Frequency Insulation Coatings

Process Advantages

Excelent Appearance
More substrate options
Provides Corrosion Protection
Resistant to maring
Shortlead times for custom colors
Wide variatiy of color options

General Liquid Coatings

Acrylic Enamel
Anti Friction coatings
Baking Enamels
Clear-coats Urethanes
Heat Resistant Coatings
High Build Epoxies
Military CARC Systems
Polyurethane Enamels
Textured finishes
Wash Primers
Water base coatings

Typical Substrates

Chromated Aluminum
Cold Rolled Steel
Die Cast Aluminum
Galvanized Steel
Sand Castings
And More

Standards Met

Federal Standard 595
Munsell for Asia
PMS Color Matching

Batch Size

Between 1 - 100,000

Masking Tolerance

Up to .001"

Maximum Part Dimension Size Accepted

Wet Coat Line:
Any Size

Application Methods and Information

Air Assisted Airless Application
Convensional Air Spray Guns
Dip Coat and Drain
Dip Coat and Spin
Hand Brush or Rolled Application
High Volume, Low Pressure (H.V.L.P.)

Curing Processes

Air Dry Lines
Batch Ovens
Convection Ovens
Infrared Ovens

Quality Certification and Compliance

ISO 9001:2000 Compliant

Manufacturers Name of Paints in Stock

Akzo Nobel
Carboline International
Devoe Coatings Co.
Hentzen Coatings
PPG Industries, Inc.
Randolph Products Company
Sandstrom Products Company
Sherwin Williams


·  Large Parts Painting

·  Coating Line for Large Parts

·  Topcoat Booth BA

·  Prime Booth

·  JS Masking Paint

·  Masking of Threads

·  Topcoat Oven

·  Air Dry Line

·  Orange Wetcoat 1

·  Orange Wetcoat 2

·  Red Wetcoat Gun

·  Tan Enclcosure Wetcoat

·  Wetcoat Handle

·  Wetcoat Part

·  Clean and Masked Part

·  Wetcoat Valve

·  Rubber Bonding Hand Application

·  Carbomastic Epoxy

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